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The Pears Cyclopaedia Collector's Gallery

Towards the end of the 19th century Thomas J. Barratt of A. & F. Pears concluded that the massive dictionaries and encyclopaedia were far beyond the reach of the general public. He decided to publish a book which would combine everyday practical information with general knowledge in one inexpensive volume. Pears Cyclopaedia is the result - a unique and fascinating annual reference book. In continual production since 1897 it provides a unique insight into the status and development of English reference material.

This page provides access to four galleries of Pears Cyclopaedia, plus a section on 'Junior Pears', first published in 1961. Click on the books to view the galleries. Please enjoy.

Editions 1 to 20
(1897 - ????)
Editions 21 to 56
(???? - 1946)
Editions 57 to 90
(1947 - 1981)
Editions 91 to present day (1982 onwards) Junior Pears

I am keen to enhance my collection of these delightful books. If you can help please send me email .

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